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I’m shocked looking at the last published post I made here: April 2010.

I started this blog in February 2007 to figure out what this whole blogging thing was about. Over the years I have apparently written 51 posts and gathered exactly 51 comments, which gives me a neat and low ratio of 1 (0r 100% which sounds a bit better).

I have received a total of 72,655 views over those five years. My busiest day was November 20th, 2008, with 296 views. It’s a bit peculiar since that was in the middle of a quiet period in which I hadn’t blogged for months. Sometimes inactivity is the best activity it seems.

My most popular post of all time is now ‘Funny Signs – What not to do in India’, with a massive 39k views. It contained 3 words and a picture. My least popular post is ‘Vive la France’  a 366-word piece on Sarkozy’s election. I got 4 views. Again, less is more. Or a picture speaks…

What else? My blog is most commonly found through the following search terms: ‘funny signs’, ‘goth loli’ and to round of the top three ‘japanese fashion’. Who knew?

Recently my stats have taken a bit of a dip, only hitting about 4 per day. So, time to bring this blog back to life.


As every other blogger out there, I’ve been glued to the stats page since day one. At first not much happened, but recently my site was indexed! Checking your stats will never be the same again. Here’s a list of search terms people have entered to get to my site, in reversed order of silly-ness:

7) Male chauvinism

6) Stylish guy

5) Victorian manga


3) Mismatched clothing

2) Strange porcelain dolls

and the winner is:

1) Adolescents in gothic clothing at school

Who on earth is looking for this type of stuff? And why are they directed to my site? Does anyone else out there get traffic like this? If so, post some examples, I’m intrigued.

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